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PARE0008 Understanding the barbarian words of rheumatoid arthritis
  1. S. Trope Chirol1,
  2. G. Thibaud2,
  3. G. Kobelt2
  1. 1Direction
  2. 2ANDAR, PARIS, France


Background The evolution of the doctor-patient relationship allows the patient to be more active in its disease management. This mutation is found in rheumatology including patient education and self-assessment of the activity of rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Objectives The aim of this work was to enable patients to better understand the terms used by the different stakeholders to facilitate communication and allow them to be more involved.

Methods The patients Association ANDAR brought together people affected by RA and a committee of rheumatology experts to collectively determine which terms should be explain, to develop definitions and choose the medium, in collaboration with the association and communication agency.

Results The working group has listed 195 words or phrases classified into 6 areas: my joints, my illness, my exams, my treatment team, my treatments, my rights.

The work took the form of an interactive pdf file, offering different levels of entry: by lexicon or area. A single click returns to the page offering the definition.

The group chose a humorous tone for the design, introductions and illustrations, keeping definitions and explanations on a more sober tone.

Conclusions the support thus created can be viewed and downloaded on the website of the association but also sent in a simple email. This format allows a wide distribution and free access to any patient interested in understanding the words in connection with its PR.

Acknowledgements Pr. Bruno Fautrel, Dr. Laure Gossec, Dr. Jeremie Sellam, EmPatient Agency

This work was supported by Roche

Disclosure of Interest None Declared

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