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PARE0003 A finnish wikibook called sle-terminologiaa (sle terminology)
  1. K. H. Myllys1
  1. 1Lupus Finland (SLE-yhdistys ry), Helsinki, Finland


Background We need more material on SLE in Finnish, but we do not have financial resources to publish material. Publishing is an expensive and slow process. Also, no one has produced any new material on SLE in Finnish for years apart from the published academic papers.

Objectives The main objective is to create Finnish material on SLE. Wikimedia community is a good way to create an instructional guide, because it is a free space on the internet and also open content, which makes it public immediately. Anyone can edit the content or discuss it. This is a start, a pilot project, and in the future we may have many Finnish projects on SLE on Wikimedia community.

Methods A Wikibook called SLE-terminologiaa (SLE Terminology) has been set up at It is an open content textbook that anyone can edit and comment on. The book is also being discussed on a closed Facebook group for Finnish SLE patients called Siipien havinaa at and on our discussion forum at SLE patients may share ideas and give criticism either on Facebook, discussion forum or the Wikibooks page itself. The idea is to activate patients to produce material on SLE in Finnish. The book is created by patients for patients.

Results The Wikibook SLE-terminologiaa is being written gradually, entry by entry. A link to it will be added on Lupus Finland web site at Also, we will carry out a survey in late April to find out if this Wikibook has made any difference to any of the Finnish lupus patients in coping with their illness.

Conclusions We can have Finnish material on SLE with little resources on Wikimedia community. Once we have copyright to a text published by some bigger organisations outside Finland, we can translate the text and set it up as a book at Wikimedia community. Also, a book may come out as a result of a workshop at a seminar. Patients can produce written material on living with SLE or on important issues about coping with the illness without having to apply huge sums of money.

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