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PARE0002 I know, therefore i can - why we started to issue a e-newsletter
  1. B. Boteva1,
  2. B. Ivkov1
  1. 1Bulgarian organization for people with rheumatic diseases, Sofia, Bulgaria


Background It is known that information is extremely important. We from BOPRD(Bulgarian organization for people with rheumatic diseases) are aware that information for rights, duties and obligations of people with rheumatic diseases which is clear, written in simple language, on time and appropriately, is essential to improve quality of treatment, quality of life and the process of integration In to the society.

Objectives To provide important information to people with rheumatic diseases about treatment, organization’s life, new activities.

To raise awareness about rheumatic diseases and related conditions.

Methods That is why we from BOPRD came to the idea to start a monthly e-newsletter. We are preparing it together with our friends from BASPS(Bulgarian Ankylosing spondylitis society). The first issue was in the beginning of 2012.

The goal of this e-newsletter is to inform the members and supporters of the two organizations about innovations in treatment and rehabilitation;to provide  legal information;to inform  members of BOPRD and BASPS about future and current projects;In this bulletin we write a lot about current activities, such as charity events, informal meetings, workshops, seminars etc.

The e-newsletter contains summarized information of organization’s life, as well as interviews with rheumatologists and organization members. That makes it better than the organization’s websites, where it is easy to lose important information.

There is place into the websites of both organizations where people with rheumatic diseases, not only members, can find and read the newsletter. Members receive it on their personal e-mail also.

Results In that way by accumulation of information and knowledge people with rheumatic diseases are aware about modern treatment, rehabilitation and more effective protection of their rights..

Conclusions By preparing e-newsletter we priovide summarized information which is extremely useful for all people who suffer from rheumatic diseases.

Acknowledgements To the editorial team of the e-news letter - Bozhidar Ivkov;Snezhana Bozhinova;ZhivkoYankov;Tsveta Apostolova

Disclosure of Interest None Declared

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