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AB0804 Experience of educational programs for physicians in diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis in kazan (russia)
  1. L. Myasoutova1,
  2. A. Vasiliev1,
  3. S. Lapshina1
  1. 1Kazan State Medical University, Kazan, Russian Federation


Background Osteoporosis is a serious and badly diagnosed problem for doctors in various specialties.

Objectives To evaluate the effectiveness of educational activities for general practitioners (GP), internists, neurologists in osteoporosis (OP) detection.

Methods The educational schools are conducted to identify possible symptoms (nature of back pain, changes in posture and growth), risk factors for OP diagnosis, indications for bone densitometry, a complex of therapeutic measures for primary care physicians in Kazan since January 2011.

Evaluation of the results was carried out according to analysis of outpatient rheumatological report from Rhematological Center (Kazan) in 2010 (base year) and 2011-2012 (after schools).

Results After schools (2011-2012) significantly increased the number of patients (3.5-fold) with OP diagnosis verified by rheumatologist at a reception to 353 (primary OP-170 (48.2%), secondary OP - 183 (51.8%)) in end of 2011 and 581 (primary OP-292 (50.2%), secondary OP - 289 (49.8%)) - in 2012 compared to the base year 2010 (158: 19 (12%) - the primary OP 139 (88%) - the secondary OA). In addition, the number of patients with OP, who applied for the first time in the center of Kazan Rheumatology, increased from 118 (77.1%) in 2010 to 290 (82.1%) people in 2011 and 478 (82, 2%) people in 2012. In 2010 patients with primary OP were referred by physicians to a rheumatologist with other diagnoses in 76.2% of cases. In 2011, the percentage difference of primary diagnoses decreased to 37,9%, in 2012– to 21,3%.

Conclusions Educational programs for primary care physicians are essential and contribute to early diagnosis of OP, timely administration of therapy, improve the quality of life of patients. The experience of the educational activities in Kazan has improved detection of OP by primary care physicians and timely referral to the center of the diagnosis and treatment of OP.

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