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PARE0008 “Move to improve” – physical activities among inhibitants of WARSAW
  1. J. Grygielska1,2
  1. 1Department of Epidemiology and Health Promotion, Institute of Rheumatology
  2. 2National Board, Assoc. of People with Rheumatism and their Friends, Warsaw, Poland


Background Physical activity is one of conditions for healthy life. According theme of World Arthritis Day 2011-2012 Association of People with Rheumatism and their Friends together with Institute of Rheumatology in Warsaw decided to check level of physical activities and opinion of them among inhibitandts of Warsaw.

There is not tradition of physical activities in Poland. It’s one of reason that many people living with long-term conditions like rheumatic diseases are active only during medical rehabilitation.

Objectives Main objective was to know opinions and interesting in physical activities of people. It was interesting if bad tradition is changing or not and what kinds of activities are more popular than others.

Methods There was questionnaire prepared in Department of Epidemiology and Health Promotion of Institute of Rheumatology. This questionnaire was given to complete to visitors of stand of Association of People with Rheumatism and their Friends. Stand was available during healthy event in Warsaw: district picnic, central picnic in Warsaw on occasion of International Day of Older People and during WAD event in Institute of Rheumatology.

During 3 days 160 questionnaires were completed. People were asked: how often they are active, causes of inactivity, choice of preffered activity, their own experiences of living with rheumatic diseases and benefits of activity for people with rheumatic diseases.

Results Women were majority of respondents (83%). 51% of respondents were in age over 60 years. Great majority of them (91%) are physically active - 52% more than once a week, 41% - 2-3 times monthly. People inactive gave as main cause of it (44%) - lack of desire.

From proposed activities rhe most popular was cycling and swimming (both at 28%).

Almost all declared that physical activities are good for people living with rheumatic diseases - 54% of respondents are living with those diseases themselves.

Conclusions Inhibitants of Warsaw participated in healthy events know benefits of phycical activities. There are physically active in the majority of not less than 2-3 times monthly. It’s a good prognostic for future - physical activity is an element of healthy ageing.

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