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PARE0006 Move and improve initiative in lithuanian arthritis association
  1. O. Telyceniene,
  2. J. Dadoniene
  1. Lithuanian Arthritis Association, Vilnius, Lithuania


Background Lot of attention is paid to physical activities initiatives carried out in our organization. Some of them are state supported while others come from initiative of organization members.

Results There are number of ways to be physically active despite of age or disease. This initiative is supported by governmental organizations through the projects already for five years in a row. The aim of the government supported projects is to give the opportunity for every member of the organization for rehabilitation course in professionally supervised groups. The majority of our branch organizations take this opportunity at least two times per year, in spring and in autumn time. The groups carry their activities outside or inside, in gyms or in water pools. The professional rehabilitation specialists usually supervise the groups. The members of our organizations are also active in developing ideas themselves, like learning yoga exercises through internet based programmers or Nordic walking activities. Higher spirit and better mood are the reward for mental and physical efforts. Each year the LAA association is organizing the Health campus at the Baltic sea where the delegates from each branch organization get together. The last year the health campus was organized already for eleventh year. The duration of our campus is usually 10 days. It brings together people of different interests and physical capabilities but they are united by one idea to improve their health by being together.

EULAR initiative “Move and improve” was strongly supported by the members of our organization. This was a slogan of the autumn conference held on October the 12. The lecturers and participants acknowledged that moving is the best way to stay in health and active in daily living. This year the conference hosted almost 350 hundred people meaning much more participants than the year ago. Not only the lectures were interesting to the participants but also the physical exercises during the interruptions. It made the people feel better and more enthusiastic during the whole event. The printed material about rheumatic symptoms and how to care about joints are issued every year. The magazine “Artritas” is issued quarterly and distributed to every branch organiztion. The best examples of community activities are described and may be forwarded to others.

Conclusions The Lithuanian arthritis association has a long standing traditions in helping their members to be physically active. The financial help coming from governental resources is essemtial but the understanding and williness to participate in these activities is equally important.

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