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PARE0003 Get to know yourself – improve your quality of life
  1. S. Makri
  1. Cyplar, Limassol, Cyprus


Background Being a person with rheumatism implies social, economic and psychological problems. Feelings of low self esteem, low self image and a difficulty in accepting the fact of having a chronic disease- Feeling isolated from family members and friends- Feeling that others do not understand how you feel - Profound need to find ways to improve the psychology of patients and thus enhance self confidence.

Objectives Helping people to handle chronic pain through discussions and exchange of experiences- Offering ways to the individual to deal effectively with chronic pain and be professionally active-Guiding patients on how to integrate again and be part of the social environment.

Methods The “self awareness” workshops. Groups of 15-20 people. Each workshop is divided in 8 sessions which are held once a week at the premises of CYPLAR and their duration is 2 hours – coordinated by a qualified volunteer psychotherapist-Include anger management exercises, expression of emotions through discussions, relaxation techniques, positive thinking, visualization techniques, and meditation.

Results Enhancement of the ability of dealing with chronic pain - regaining self confidence and self respect -improving self image-having less stress-being able to deal with difficult situations in life without losing self control -facing life in a more positive and optimistic way- ameliorating quality of life-being sociable-being positive-being creative.

Conclusions Feeling of being “safe” again in the social environment – Ability to talk openly about having a chronic disease – reconstructing existing family, social and professional relationships. Building new social and professional relationships based on mutual trust-dealing with difficult situations at work and at home-Dealing more effectively with difficult situations at home and at work.

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