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AB1466-HPR Pain management: Observation and side effects - french situation
  1. C. Taieb
  2. and AIIE
  1. Public Health, Quality of Life and Health Economics, PFSA, Boulogne Billancourt, France


Background Pain treatment is a real challenge for Public Health and a requirement for the quality and evolution of a health system. It responds primarily to a humanist and ethical objective, intrinsic to the dignity of the humankind. The physical pain and moral suffering experienced during all ages of life make those already weakened by the disease even more vulnerable. Treatment compliance is essential to the efficacy of the treatment offered. Side effects or undesirable effects may be caused by non compliance when they appear in the first 24 or 48 hours after treatment.

Objectives The objectyive is to describe the side effects perceived during the first 48 hours and spontaneously cited by the subjects treated with an analgesic.

Methods Prospective, longitudinal, multicenter observational study, conducted in France using data collected by the general practitioners who agreed to participate.

Results Patients were treated either with a paracetamol-codeine combination (n=742) or with a paracetamol-tramadol combination (n=107). Nausea/vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness and constipation were the 4 most commonly cited side effects. In the first group, prevalence after 24h was 9.56%, 2.96%, 4.44% and 1.08% respectively, versus 13.89%, 7.41%, 2.78% and 2.78% in the second group. On the 2nd day, prevalence in the first group was 3.9%, 2.01%, 3.4% and 2.8% respectively, versus 11.1%, 3.7%, 1.85% and 2.78% in the second group. Prevalence of at least one side effect perceived during the 7 days of treatment was 29.74% in the first group versus 40.74% in the second treatment group.

Conclusions A study published in 2005 (1) indicated 37% constipation, 24% nausea and vomiting and 22.4% dizziness for a group of patients undergoing treatment. It appeared that the patients treated with one of the two drug combinations had fewer complaints of the same side effects.

  1. Patients and chronic pain. Exercer Magazine Jan 2005, Le Goaziou et al.

Disclosure of Interest C. Taieb Employee of: PFSA

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