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THU0481-HPR Lessons from patient reported outcomes of biologic treatment: Improvements in quality of life and health status are stable over time despite declining physical function
  1. T. Harrison,
  2. C. Barnabe,
  3. L. Martin,
  4. S.G. Barr
  1. Medicine, University of Calgary, Division of Rheumatology, Calgary, Canada


Background Patient reported outcomes are an important aspect of outcome evaluation, and supplement the argument for the necessity of these therapies.

Objectives To evaluate improvements in RA treated biologic patients’ reported function, quality of life and health status over the course of treatment.

Methods The Alberta Biologics Pharmacosurveillance Program captures the clinical efficacy and safety of biologic therapies in RA since 2000. HAQ scores, SF-36 and the EQ-5D are completed every six months.

Results Our cohort includes 605 patients (74% female, mean age 43 years). Mean disease activity at baseline was: DAS28 5.73, patient global score 6.8, TJC 4.4 and SJC 3.2. Improvement in the 8 domains of the SF-36 occurred over the first year of treatment and stabilized thereafter (Figure 1). A similar trend occurred in the 5 domains of the EQ-5D. HAQ scores showed improvement in the first year of therapy (mean baseline HAQ 1.59, HAQ at 1 year 0.76), followed by stabilization but began to rise again after 4 years (mean HAQ at 7 years 0.96).

Conclusions Health status and quality of life significantly improve with biologic therapy, with the most impressive benefit in the first year of therapy followed by a period of stabilization lasting over 11 years. The worsening of physical function after 4 years is not associated with deterioration in other domains, which is unexpected.

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