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AB1397 Use of WII fit® in balance training in osteoporosis
  1. R. Laxminarayan1,
  2. H. Nutland2,
  3. A. Dean2
  1. 1Rheumatology
  2. 2Physiotherapy, Queen’s Hospital, Burton upon Trent, United Kingdom


Background Main objective of osteoporosis treatment is to reduce fragility fractures. Pharmacological interventions though increase bone mineral density, falls contribute significantly to fractures. Balance training is an important part of physiotherapy intervention for osteoporosis. Traditional balance training may not appeal to many patients. Gaming console maker Nintendo® has developed a unique balance board based games called Wii Fit®. This interactive balance training gadget is easy to use and maintains individual’s interest. We wanted to explore the usefulness of Wii Fit® in improving the balance in osteoporosis patients.

Objectives To assess benefits of Wii Fit® tilt table function in improving balance in osteoporosis patients.

Methods Wii Fit® balance training programme was started in April 2011. Consecutive Osteoporosis patients attending physiotherapy sessions were invited to attend Wii Fit® sessions. Prior to starting the sessions, they all had an opportunity to attend education programme on osteoporosis. Baseline balance was assessed using Timed up and go (TUG), Tinnetti balance score, balance on one leg (measured for each leg in seconds). In addition, time on tilt table on Wii Fit® was also measured. Each patient had total 6 weekly sessions on the Wii Fit®. Above measurements were taken on each visit. Mean baseline and final measurements were calculated.

Results 18 patients completed the programme between April to December 2011.

Table 1. Measures (mean) of balance assessment before and after the completion of Wii Fit® intervention

Conclusions Wii Fit® tilt table exercise improves balance as shown in the above table. Improvements were noticed in every assessment mode. Subjectively patients enjoyed the exercise sessions. Patients were able to see the improvements on the screen which also helped to improve their confidence.

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