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AB1243 Comparison of the sensitivity and specificity of ACCP and anti MCV in rhematoid artheritis patients
  1. B. Yousefghahari1,
  2. S. Alhooei2,
  3. M.J. Soleimani3,
  4. A. Guran4
  1. 1Rheumatology
  2. 2Internal Medicine, Babol Medical University
  3. 3Razi Laboratory, Babol, Iran, Islamic Republic Of
  4. 4Biomedicine Department, Institute of Structronics, Ottawa, Canada


Background Rheumatoid arthritis is a systemic inflammatory disease that mainly affects small joints. It has a destructive potential, then early diagnosis and treatment can prevent deformities and extra articular manifestations. According to the studies ACCP test is the most sensitive and specific biological marker of the disease, but in some studies Anti MCV is comparable with ACCP as a specific marker.

Objectives In this study we compared the sensitivity and specificity of the above mentioned tests.

Methods This cross sectional study was carried out on 150 rheumatoid arthritis patients and 75 controls. In the patients group there were 34 males and 116 females with the mean age of 49.57±11.98 and in the control group 17 males and 58 females with mean age of 48.85±11.98years old. For each and every subject approximately 8cc of blood was drawn, serums were separated. Then, ACCP and Anti MCV by using Elisa method were measured. The results were analyzed with SPSS software.

Results In this study the sensitivity of ACCP and Anti MCV were 85% and 81%. Furthermore, the specificity of these tests was 96% and 95% respectively. The positive predictive value for ACCP, 98% and for Anti MCV 97% and negative predictive value for ACCP 76% and for Anti MCV 71%were calculated. Only 4out of 23 patients (17.39%) with negative ACCP test were Anti MCV positive and 10 out of 29 patients (34.48%) with negative Anti MCV were ACCP positive.

In our study there was no significant difference between sensitivity and specificity of these two tests, although in general ACCP was superior to Anti MCV. But it does not appear that Anti MCV will help more in ACCP negative patients.

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