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AB1154 Quality of life in children with haemophilic arthropathy. Assesment by euroqol
  1. D. El Badri1,
  2. I. Bouaddi1,
  3. M. Rkain2,
  4. H. Rkain1,
  5. F. Allali1,
  6. N. Hajjaj-Hassouni1
  1. 1Hopital El Ayachi, sale
  2. 2Department of Pediatrics, Children Hospital, Rabat, Morocco


Objectives Haemophilia is traditionally considered to be a disease with a major impact on all aspects of quality of life (QoL). Our purpose is to explore quality of life in haemophilic children with chronic arthropathy and to search eventual factors related to deterioration of quality of life.

Methods Twenty five children (all boys, age of 11.6±3.7 years, mean disease duration of 10.8±3.4years, haemophilia severe (28%) and moderate (72%)) suffering from Haemophilia with hemophilic arthropathy (affecting at least one joint) were consecutively recruited in this study. Children were asked to complete The Moroccan version of EuroQol questionnaire. We initially calculated patients’ median scores for both of the EQ-5D and the different domains of the EuroQoL.

Results The median of the EuroQol visual analog scale was 0.5 (0.2, 0.9). EQ-5D subscale scores were, with upgrading percentage of no difficulties answers as following: mobility, self-care and usual activities, anxiety/ depression and pain discomfort (table 1).

Table 1. Quality of life of children with haemophilic arthropathy assessed by EQ-5D

No association was found between QoL and haemophilic arthropathy features.

Conclusions Our data shows a poor quality of life in children with hemophilic arthropathy. Those children with specific needs should receive more interest from society in order to improve their quality of life. Larger studies are also required in order to search factors of hemophilic arthropathy related to a disturbed QoL.

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