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AB1105 Erythema nodosum: A retrospective study of 81 cases
  1. R. Amel,
  2. B.F. Fatma,
  3. A. Jihed,
  4. K. Monia,
  5. L. Chadia
  1. Internal Medecine, Sahloul, sousse, Tunisia


Background Erythema nodosum (EN) is an inflammation of the fat cells under the skin (panniculitis) characterized by tender red nodules. EN is an immunologic response to a variety of different causes.

Objectives The aim of this study is to evaluate the epidemiology, etiology, clinical manifestations, course, and prognosis of EN obseved in internal medecine

Methods Over 13 years, patients with EN were included in a retrospective study. After a history and a physical examination, a clinical diagnosis was made according to well-established criteria. Statistical analysis was performed by SPSS 14

Results We have collected 81 cases. They were 11 males and 70 females. The mean age at presentation was 37.6 years (range: 14-77). 22% of patients had presented an anterior episode of EN. The nodules were situated at the legs (97.5%), the thighs (16%) and the upper limbs (24.5%). The EN was bilateral in 92.6% of cases. The EN was frequently associated with fever (62%), joint pain and inflammation (27%). In about 33% of cases, the cause of EN was unknown. Unless, it was a streptococcal infection (41%), tuberculosis (4%), medications (11%), Behçet’s disease (6%), sarcoidosis (5%). Evolution under treatment was favorable and nodules of EN regressed within four weeks averagely. A recurrence of EN had occurred in 18.5% of cases.

Conclusions EN is the most frequent clinico-pathological variant of the panniculitides, it may be associated with a wide variety of diseases requiring a minute etiological research.

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