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AB1087 Tuberculosis infections and chronic inflammatory rheumatisms
  1. S. Esseghir,
  2. L. Souabni,
  3. K. Ben Abdelghani,
  4. K. Salma,
  5. C. Salma,
  6. S. Belhadj,
  7. L. Ahmed,
  8. Z. Leith
  1. Mongi Slim Hospital, Tunis, Tunisia


Background The incidence of tuberculosis among patients with systemic rheumatic diseases is much higher than in the general population. Reactivation of a latent tuberculosis is frequent, and is related to immunosuppression induced by the underlying disease, and of immunosuppressive therapy.

Objectives To evaluate the risk of TB infection among Tunisian patients suffering from systemic disease and to determine the characteristics of.

Methods A retrospective study of records of patients who developed TB infection during the evolution of a systemic disease.

Results Among 742 patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, 68 patients from systemic lupus, and 365 from ankylosing spondylitis, four patients were selected.

Conclusions The screening strategies for tuberculosis should be extended in all patients with systemic rheumatic diseases receiving glucocorticoids and/or immunosuppressive therapy. In tunisa, tuberculosis remains frequent despite the efforts of TB control.

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