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SP0027 How to use the eular brussels declaration in support of national campaigning
  1. D. Chichikj
  1. Ngo Nora, Skopje, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of


The Brussels Declaration can provide an enormous leverage for taking action on national level in any EU country. The European Union is probably one of the greatest achievements in human history. Thus, any collaborative efforts, declarations or laws that represent all the people in this union, in general the unified efforts by people can have much bigger and profound impact in every aspect.

Though R. Macedonia at the time politically is not part of the EU, it is represented in EULAR. This is a great achievement by the people and organizations that form and represent EULAR. There is no doubt; this gave NGO NORA and Macedonia an enormous leverage while working side by side with EULAR and its members.

Familiarizing the general public and health institutions with the Brussels Declaration in R. Macedonia, initiated a very positive chain of developments. NGO NORA chose to focus on just three out of the six issues targeted in the Brussels Declaration however the activities around these key issues give a much needed focus. Thus, the Brussels Declaration can give sharp and very precise form to act upon, on whose almost any national organization can build on. This also proves that almost all nations face similar or closely related problems.

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