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AB0994 Clinical characteristics of elbow epicondilitis in patients with ostheoarthritis
  1. E.R. Kirillova,
  2. N. Shamsutdinova
  1. Hospital Therapy, Kazan State Medical University, Kazan, Russian Federation


Objectives The aim: To estimate clinical characteristics of elbow epicondilitis in patients with ostheoarthritis.

Methods Methods: We investigated 80 patients with ostheoarthritis and epicondilitis of elbow joints. Diagnosis of elbow epicondilitis were estimated according to Southampton, 2004. Statistically datas was performed with Shapiro-Uilx, Fisher and χ2 criteria

Results Results. Epicondilitis was found significantly more frequent in women (54 - 67,5%) than in a men (26 - 32,5%) (d<0,05). Distribution on the age was not normal. The middle age was 54 years (36-73 years). Wright-handed epicondilitis was registered in 35% patients (28 patients), left-handed epicondilitis was registered in 13,8% patients (11 patients), bilateral – in 51,2% (41 patients).

Of all examined joints (160) match the criteria for epicondylitis 125 (78.1%). Among the most frequently encountered lesion both medial and lateral epicondyle - in 83 joints (66.4%). Lateral epicondylitis was found in 25 joints (20.0%), the median - in 17 (13.6%). Clinical manifestations of epicondylitis is independent of the radiographic stage of osteoarthritis.

Conclusions Conclusion: bilateral epicondylitis most frequently occurs in patients with osteoarthritis with pathology of the elbow joint insertion, as well as the simultaneous destruction of the medial and lateral elbow enthesitis.

Simultaneous destruction of the medial and lateral epicondyles is a characteristic feature of epicondylitis at osteoarthritis.

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