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AB0964 Assessment of periarticular tissues of the shoulder joint in patients with osteoarthritis using the tendon shoulder index
  1. E. Kirillova,
  2. N. Shamsutdinova
  1. Kazan State Medical University, Kazan, Russian Federation


Background Pathology of the periarticular tissues is common in dystrophic-degenerative processes in the joints. But clinically assess the severity of damage difficult. Therefore we have developed the tendon shoulder index. Tendon shoulder index gives a description of pain of shoulder tendons in their places of attachment. Tendon shoulder index is a summary indicator of pain assessment in the shoulder joint with damage of the periarticular tissues.

Objectives To determine the possibility of the tendon index shoulder to assess the pathology of periarticular tissues shoulder in patients with osteoarthritis.

Methods The method of evaluating tendon damage by defining shoulder pain with semiquantitative method of shoulder tendons and their attachments sites (pain: palpation of the patient indicates the presence of pain - 1 point, facial reaction - 2 points, the motor response - 3 points) with an calculation figures in points and the determination of damage intensity: low 1-5 points, average 6-10, much - more than 11 points.

The study involved 20 patients with osteoarthritis complained of pain in the shoulder joint. To assess pain was used visual-analog scale (VAS) at rest, movement, and palpation. Evaluation of the shoulder joint was carried out by Constant Score. We developed the tendon shoulder index for assessment the objective status. The tendon shoulder index included an assessment of pain on a scale (0-3) during movement, causing stress the rotator cuff tendons and long head of the biceps tendon.

Results The correlation noted between the tendon index shoulder and VAS at palpation (r =0,4), between the tendon index shoulder and VAS at movement (r =0,3), and between the tendon index shoulder and Constant Score (r = -0.6).

Conclusions Index of tendon of shoulder joint can be used to assess the pathology of the shoulder joint periarticular tissues in patients with osteoarthritis. Using this index we can clinically asses the pathology of periarticular tissues and if necessary to correct treatment

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