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AB0909 Prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in patients with espondiloarthritis in manises’ hospital rheumatology unit
  1. S. Muñoz Gil1,
  2. A. Conesa Mateos1,
  3. T. Mut Dόlera2,
  4. P. Muñoz Mira3
  1. 1Rheumatology, Hospital De Manises, Manises
  2. 2Nuclear Medicine, Hospital de La Ribera, Alzira
  3. 3Rheumatology, Hospital de Ontinyent, Ontinyent, Spain


Objectives Describe the prevalence of cardio and brainvascular diseases as well as the risk factors in patients with inflammatory espondiloarthritis in our health area.

Methods Transversal study of a cohort of patients diagnosed of espondiloarthritis(AS:modified New York criteria;Psoriasic arthritis: ESSG criteria) in Manises’ Hospital Rheumatology Unit,from the 1st of July 2011 until the 15th of November 2011.We registered different variables as socio-demographic,disease,cardiovascular risk factors,physical examination and serum levels.The SPSS Statistic version 20 was used for calculating statistics.

Results 60 patients were included(41 men;19 women)with an average age of 47±12 years old.39 patients were diagnosed of AS while 21 were diagnosed of PsoA.They presented axial symptomes in 39, articular in 19 and 2 patients with both localizations affected.The average evolution time of the disease was of 8.8±6 years.55% of the patients were HLA-B27+,10% had suffered from at least one episode of uveitis,28% cutaneous and or nail psoriasis and 7% had frequent episodes of diarrhea.The C Reactive Protein average levels were 5.6±8.43 mg/dl while ESR levels were of 9.5±9.84.According to therapy,1 patient wasn’t taking medication,10 patients were taking NSAIDs(including COX-2)as monotherapy,24 patients had classic DMARDs and 25 had anti-TNFalpha.In the following table the prevalences of the main cardiovascular risk factors of the patients from our cohort are shown.The average BMI was of 28.1 + 4, presenting indexes of overweight or obesity in 80% of the patients.The mean abdominal perimeter was of 93.1 + 14, being in 30% of men >102 cm and in 60% of the women >88 cm.

Table of the prevalences of the main cardiovascular risk factors of the patients from our cohort:

Conclusions In patients with chronic inflammatory espondiloarthropathies in our health area there is a high prevalence of classic cardiovascular risk factors, specially sedentarism and overweight. However, they show a low prevalence of cardiovascular events, probably due to the mean age of our patients. Studying the prevalences of the cardiovascular risk factors in patients with espondiloarthritis, which include antropometric, blood pressure and lab measurements, allow us to determine the real risk prevalence as well as to define new strategies of cardiovascular prevention.

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