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AB0804 Effect of capillaroscopic microvascular changes on the pulse oximeter measurements in systemic sclerosis patients
  1. A. Akdogan,
  2. L. Kilic,
  3. I. Dogan,
  4. Ö. Karadag,
  5. S.A. Bilgen,
  6. S. Kiraz,
  7. I. Ertenli
  1. Internal Medicine, division of Rheumatology, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey


Background Systemic sclerosis (SSc) is a connective tissue disorder characterized by microangiopathy, autoimmunity and fibrosis. Capillaroscopy is a simple method for direct observation of microvasculature. The pulse oximeter is a noninvasive instrument used to estimate a patient’s arterial blood oxygen saturation.

Objectives The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of microvascular changes on the pulse oximeter mesurments in SSc patients.

Methods The nailfolds from 2nd to 5th fingers in both hands were examined in all subjects by using Videocapnet DS Medica –Milano. Patients were categorized according to their capillaroscopy findings in 3 groups as having early, active or late patterns. Oxygen saturation (SO2) measurements were performed from 2nd to 5th fingers in both hands with a finger probe.

Results We screened 56 SSc patients Three SSc patients were excluded. One due to inadequate images for determining the capillaroscopic pattern, 2 due to severe hand deformities that disabled capillaroscopic examination. 53 SSc (F/M:48/5) patients were enrolled into the study. The mean age of the SSc patients was 48,7±11,9 years and 50,9% (27 patients) of the patients had limited SSc. According to capillaroscopy findings 18 patients were classified as having early pattern (34,0%), 19 active pattern (35,8%), 15 late pattern (%28,3). Only 1(1,9%) patient had normal capillaroscopy findings. There were no difference between groups of SSc patients defined as capilleroscopy findings in regard of mean maximal oxygen saturations (SO2) or mean minimal SO2 measured from fingers (p>0,05 for all).

Conclusions Vasculopathy classes defined by capillaroscopic examination do not affect the S02 measured by pulse oximeter in SSc patients.

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