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AB0752 Mediastinal fibrosis combined with behÇet’s disease: Five case reports
  1. I. Gharsallah,
  2. S. Boussaid1,1,
  3. L. Metoui,
  4. F. Ajili,
  5. N. Ben Abdelhafidh,
  6. B. Louzir,
  7. L. Bassem,
  8. S. Othmeni
  1. Internal Medecine, Miliary Hospital of Tunisia, Tunis, Tunisia


Objectives Intrathoracic manifestations other then vascular aneurysm and thrombosis are rare in the course of Behçet’s disease. Mediastinal fibrosis is also unusual.

Methods Three cases of Behçet’s disease with initial mediastinal fibrosis are reported. Diagnosis means, pathogenic mechanisms and therapeutic modalities are also more precisely defined.

Results Three male patients (21, 25 and 27 years of age, respectively) were hospitalized for progressive vena cava superior syndrome accompanied by mediastinal fibrosis demonstrated by MRI and/or CT scan which both showed infiltration of the mediastinal fat. Multiple calcifications were also present in one patient. Histology was performed in one case. Thrombosis of the vena cava superior and innominata veins was associated with fibrosis in all three cases. Thrombosis of venae subclavia and left jugularis was also present in one case. Other manifestations leading to the diagnosis of Behçet’s disease were demonstrated by the patient’s history and, in one case, occurred on the fourth day of hospitalization. After initiation of a treatment including corticoids, anticoagulants and colchicine, the outcome was favorable in two cases. The third patient died.

Conclusions Mediastinal fibrosis combined with Behçet’s disease has rarely been described. However, it should be included in manifestations of the disease. The causative process which might be vasculitis has to be demonstrated.

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