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AB0460 Long-term remission with golimumab in active rheumatoid arthritis patients despite methotrexate through 2 years
  1. E. Keystone1,
  2. M. Genovese2,
  3. L. Klareskog3,
  4. S. Xu4,
  5. C. Han4,
  6. E. Hsia4,5
  1. 1University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  2. 2Stanford University, Palo Alto, United States
  3. 3Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
  4. 4Janssen R&D, Horsham
  5. 5University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, United States


Objectives To assess long-term remission through 2 yrs from GO-FORWARD.

Methods Retrospective analysis of GO-FORWARD (RA pts with inadequate response to MTX) thru Wk104. Active RA (N=444) pts despite MTX were random’d to PBO+MTX, GLM100mg+PBO, GLM50mg+MTX, or GLM100mg+MTX, Pts with <20% improvmnt in SJC/TJC at wk16 entered EE: PBO+MTX$→ $GLM50mg+MTX, GLM 100mg+PBO$→ $GLM100mg+MTX, GLM 50mg+MTX$→ $GLM100mg+MTX. At Wk24, pts on PBO+MTX, crossed over to GLM 50mg+MTX. GLM/PBO was inj q4wks. Remission rates at Wk24, and the propor who remained in remission at Wks52&104 were assessed using 4 def’n: DAS28 (weighted sum of SJC/TJC, 28 joints, CRP, and ptGA); EULAR Boolean(DefA) TJC/SJC, 28 joints, CRP mg/dL, and ptGA, each score ≤1; EULAR SDAI (Def B)-SDAI score is sum of TJC/SJC, 28 joints, ptGA, phyGA, and CRP mg/dLwith scoring ≤3.3; and CDAI (sum of SJT/TJC, 28 joints, ptGA, phyGA ≤2.8). Among those who didn’t achieve remission at Wk24, propor of pts who later achieved remission at Wks52&104 using each def are presented. Observed data was used.

Results At Wk24, sig greater propor of pts achieved remission in the GLM+MTX grps vs PBO+MTX(Table1). At Wk52, ∼80% of pts in the GLM+MTX grp remained in remission using DAS28, SDAI, and CDAI;∼70% remained in remission using Boolean def. At Wk104, among those GLM+MTX pts who achieved remission at Wk24, the propor of pts with sustained remission were: DAS 28 ∼90%, Boolean def ∼55%, and SDAI and CDAI∼65% each. Approx 20% of pts who didn’t achieve remission at Wk24, did achieve remission at Wks52&104, with higher rates using DAS28∼30%, and slightly lower rates using Boolean def∼15%.

Conclusions Using any of 4 remission criteria, GLM+MTX induced remission in a greater propor of pts than PBO+MTX and remission was sustained in the majority of those pts through yrs1 and 2.

Disclosure of Interest E. Keystone Consultant for: Janssen Research & Development, Inc, M. Genovese Consultant for: Janssen Research & Development, Inc, L. Klareskog Consultant for: Janssen Research & Development, Inc, S. Xu Employee of: Janssen Research & Development, Inc, C. Han Employee of: Janssen Research & Development, Inc, E. Hsia Employee of: Janssen Research & Development, Inc

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