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AB0243 Inter-operator reproducibility of ultrasound lung comets score of patients SSC
  1. O.B. Ovsyannikova,
  2. O. Koneva,
  3. J. Korsakova,
  4. S. Glukhova,
  5. A. Volkov,
  6. L. Ananyeva
  1. Fsbi Research Institute Rheumatology of Rams, Moscow, Russian Federation


Background Ultrasound lung comets (ULCs) are a clinically useful sign of such changes as lung fibrosis, extravascular lung water etc. It requires very limited technology (2 D-echo), and a short learning curve.

Objectives The aim of the study is to evaluate inter-operator reproducibility of ultrasound lung comets score made by two independent investigations.

Methods 60 consecutive patients (49.78±13.27 yrs, 57 femails, mean duration of disease 12.71±9.19, diffuse/limited form 29/31), all fulfilling the ACR criteria for SSc. The total number of lung comets in lung for each patients were assessed by ULC score [2]. All pts were evaluated by two investigations one of them was blinded to any patient information. In each patient ULC score was obtained by summing the number of comets detected as previously recommended [2]. The data were collected in protocols for statistical testing. Wilcoxon matched pairs singed-ranks test (p>0,025) was used to compare data of two investigations in the each of the scanning spaces in the anterior (ant.) and posterior (post.) chest, - of 60 points in each pts. We used the Spearman’s rank-order (Sperman’s p) and Kendall’s rank (Kendall’s t) correlations coefficients for assess to ULC score and separately score for ant. and post. chest.

Results There wasn’t a significant differences between two investigations. Mean ULCs total scores detected by investigations were 64,71±57,38 and 68,58±58,14 (p=0,205); mean score ant. chest - 24,66±30,48 (median 11 (3;34) and 25,91±25,06 (p=0,563) (median 19 (6;41,5); mean score post. chest 40,016±31,80 and 42,6±34,88 (p=0.218) respectively. Wilcoxon test showed a good repeatability in 49 scanning spaces and significant differences in only 11 of 60. Spearman’s p and Kendall’s t correlations coefficients for measures score ULCs of two independent investigations shown in table.

Spearman’s p and kendall’s t correlations coefficients (respectively)

Conclusions ULC scores detected by two independent investigations correlated significantly. The sufficient inter- operator reproducibility of ultrasound lung comets score of patients SSc is important for use it in a future practice.

  1. Zahouily M., Lazar M., Elmakssoudi A., Rakik J., et al. J Mol Model 12(4), 2006 p. 389-405.

  2. L. Gargani, M. Doveri et al. Rhematology 2009; 1-6.

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