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AB0231 Esophageal involvement in very early systemic sclerosis (SSC)
  1. G. Lepri1,
  2. S. Bellando Randone1,
  3. G. Serena1,
  4. I. Giani2,
  5. G. Carnesecchi1,
  6. C. Bruni1,
  7. J. Blagojevic1,
  8. A. Radicati1,
  9. F. Pucciani3,
  10. M. Matucci Cerinic1
  1. 1Department of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology, University of Florence, Florence
  2. 2Chirurgia Generale, USL8 Toscana, Arezzo
  3. 3Chirurgia Generale e di Urgenza 2, University of Florence, Florence, Italy


Background SSc affects gastrointestinal tract in more than 80% of patients. Esophageal involvement is the most common manifestation with a prevalence ranging between 50 and 90%.

Objectives Evaluation of esophageal involvement and detection of its predictor factors in very early SSc patients.

Methods 56 patients (55 females), mean age 49,2±14 years, with very early SSc were evaluated with esophageal manometry. The demographic data, esophageal symptoms (dysphagia, typical GERD symptoms), Raynaud phenomenon (presence/absence, duration), autoantibody profile (anticentromere antibodies [ACA], antinuclear antibodies [ANA], anti-Scl70 antibodies [Scl70]), videocapillaroscopy patterns (Normal, Early, Active, Late), puffy fingers, digital ulcers were recorded for all patients.

Results Esophageal body dysmotility (abnormal mean pressure of peristalsis or absence of peristalsis) was present in 49 patients (94,2%), and was associated with a hypotensive lower esophageal sphincter (LES) in 26 (53,1%). Esophageal symptoms were present in 26 patients (50%).Puffy fingers were present in 22 patients (42,3%) and were associated with a smaller area of LES (p-value: 0.011). In 4 patients esophageal manometry was not performed because of scarce tolerance of the procedure.

Conclusions Esophageal disorders are frequently seen in very early SSc patients in particular in patients with puffy fingers.

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