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AB0130 Ultrasound monitoring of the synovial thickness after 166-holmium-phytate radiosynoviorthesis seven years results phase III prospectiv study
  1. M. Szentesi,
  2. Z. Farbaky,
  3. P. Geher
  1. Dept. of Rheumatology, 1 Semmelweis Univ., Chair of Rheumatology and Physiotherapy, Polyclinic of The Hospitaller Brothers of St. John of God., Budapest, Hungary


Objectives To measure the synovial thickness after 166-Holmium radiosynoviorthesis by sonography.

Methods Phases III, prospectiv study. 33 patients suffering from chronic synovitis, rheumatoid arthritis were examined. The protocol commenced with screening. The patients were selected according to inclusion and exclusion criteria. Patients: Gender (male/female): 7-23; Age: 57,13 (37-77) Stage of knee joint x-ray (I/II): 7/23; Duration of synovitis (years): 7,38 (0,5-27), Duration of disease (years): 9,1 (1-27); Number of punctures before the Ho-166 treatment: 12,8; Number of steroid injections before the treatment: 12.9 Holmium phytate injectable suspension marked by 600 MBq 166Holmium phytate injectable suspension, and 40 mg of 1 ml triamcinolone acetonide and 1 ml of lidocaine 1%. There were 84 months follow-up period after the administration of the isotope. Inflammatory activity of the affected knee-joint was tested prior to treatment, and the 3th and 3, 6 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 and 84 months after treatment. We measured the synovial thickness the following locations: In the midline, lateral and medial, by the condylus of femur medial and lateral.

Results During the study period, inflammation decreased. In the first seven years excellent and good results were recorded in 93.3%. Seven years after radiosynoviorthesis 93.3% of patients did not need another punction. The thickness of the synovia decreased significantly. We find a significant correlation between the synovial thickness and the clinical improvenes.

Conclusions The 166-Holmium-phytate is an effective new radiopharmacon in the treatment of synovitis. We detect the clinical improvement by sonography. The effective dose is 555-925 MBq.

  1. Szentesi M., Környei J., Antalffy M., Törkö J., Tόth Gy., Jánoki Gy., Balogh L. Study of intraarticular application of 166-Holmium IHPP in rabbits. World Journal of Nucl. Med. 1. Suppl. 2. S243. Sept. 2002.

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