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SP0208 Highlights from the health professionals in rheumatology at the 2012 eular congress
  1. J. Verhoef1,
  2. J. de la Torre-Aboki2
  1. 1Faculty of Health and Department of Physical Therapy, University of Applied Sciences Leiden, Leiden, Netherlands
  2. 2Rheumatology Department, Alicante General and University Hospital, Alicante, Spain


The purpose of this session is to summarize and to highlight the most important advances in the field of the Health Professionals in Rheumatology, which were presented and discussed during the Health Professionals sessions at the 2012 EULAR Congress. The Health Professionals in Rheumatology programme consists of the following session topics that will be summarized and discussed from the perspective of new insights and future developments:

Experiences with running an osteoarthritis clinic in daily practice; Crossing boundaries of primary to secondary care; Promotion of physical activity in rheumatology targeting patients, providers and the public; Challenges in health professionals’ practice regarding to develop and execute a treatment plan for a patient with rheumatic condition and multimorbidity; Clinical update in connective tissue diseases; Start of reviewing a guideline and Cardiovascular health in rheumatic diseases.

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