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SP0197 Screening and assessing cardiovascular risk in inflammatory arthritis
  1. A. Meadows
  1. Rheumatology department, Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Peterborough, United Kingdom


The importance of identification of modifiable cardiovascular risk factors in people with inflammatory arthritis is now well established. Several guidelines have been published in recent years to help clinicians implement these in the clinical practice, such as NICE 2009 (79), EULAR (2009) and DOH England (2009). The main challenge in recent years has been to develop a system for screening which incorporates these guidelines in day-to-day clinical practice, working in partnership with the patient as well as primary care clinician.

We would like share our experience of cardiovascular health screening in a rheumatology clinic, in Peterborough including a nurse lead clinic, which we have been running over the last 10 years. This talk will describe how we have carried out the screening; it will explain how successful the programme has been and also describe how we have adapted the screening process in response to the results we have obtained so far.

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