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FRI0453 Gait assessment in patients with plantar fasciitis using the modular electronic baropodometer
  1. H.A.V. Oliveira,
  2. A. Jones,
  3. E. Moreira,
  4. F. Jenings,
  5. J. Natour
  1. Rheumatology Division, Universidade Federal De Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Background Plantar fasciitis (PF) is an inflammation of the plantar fascia characterized by pain and stiffness in the medial arch of the foot and ankle, especially during initial steps, and can have a significant effect on activities of daily living. There are no previous studies assessing the gait of individuals with PF.

Objectives Assess gait variables in patients with PF and foot pain using the Modular Electronic Baropodometer.

Methods Seventy-four patients over 18 years of age with a diagnosis of PF and foot pain while walking ranging from 3 to 8 points on a 10-point pain scale were analyzed. Patients with other musculoskeletal conditions in symptomatic lower limbs, inflammatory conditions of the central or peripheral nervous systems, diabetes mellitus or an inability to walk were excluded. Evaluations were performed using a visual analogue scale (VAS) for pain, the SF-36 quality of life questionnaire, foot function index (FFI) and six-minute walk test (6MWT). Gait analysis was performed using AM Cube - FootWork Pro Walk analysis system. The correlations between pain/function and baropodometer parameters were analysed.

Results Mean age was 49.3 (10.41) years. Mean duration of symptoms was 111.57 (157.18) weeks and mean body mass index was 29.34 (5.49) kg/m2. Table 1 displays the clinical and baropodometer parameters.

Table 1. Clinical, baropodometer and correlations with Pain and foot function (FFI)

Conclusions Pain and function were correlated with cadence and step time. Showing that the worsening of pain and function has direct correlation with the decrease of these parameters in PF patients.

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  2. Ribeiro, A.P., et al., The effects of plantar fasciitis and pain on plantar pressure distribution of recreational runners, Clin. Biomech. (2010), doi: 10.1016/j.clinbiomech.2010.08.004

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