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SP0184 How to ensure quality in exercise groups which are organised by patient organisations
  1. D. Wiek
  1. Deutsche Rheuma-Liga Bundesverband e.V., Bonn, Germany


The growth of the patient organization Deutsche Rheuma-Liga has primarily been based on the fact that it has been possible to offer hydrotherapy and physiotherapy exercise groups for patients with a rheumatic disease.

In the state of North Rhine-Westfalia for example about 35.000 patients take part in hydrotherapy exercise groups, about 10.000 in other physiotherapy groups.

Volunteers in about 100 local branches organize these therapy groups.

How do we enable that the patient gets the right therapy? How is it made possible that the therapists working for us are doing a good job? What is done so that our patients and members but also those who subsidize these therapies are satisfied?

These are just some questions that will be answered in the talk “How to ensure quality in exercise groups organized by patients”.

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