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SP0136 Extremely early inflammatory arthritis: How can the GP diagnose
  1. K. Raza
  1. Rheumatology, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom


New onsets of inflammatory sounding joint symptoms and of overt inflammatory arthritis are common occurrences. In many individuals the episodes are of short duration, resolving spontaneously. A key clinical challenge is to be able to identify which patients will not get better spontaneously, and in particular which patients will develop rheumatoid arthritis, thus allowing early targeted interventions.

Within this session:

  • Barriers to early assessment and diagnosis in primary care, and approaches to overcoming these barriers, will be discussed.

  • Currently available strategies to predict outcomes in patients with early arthritis will be reviewed.

  • Novel approaches to the early identification of inflammatory arthritis and the prediction of outcome, including the use of imaging, will be reviewed.

  • Finally, important aims for future research in this area will be highlighted.

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