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THU0406 Evaluation of periodontal parameters in patients with familial mediterranean fever
  1. S. Senel1,
  2. V. Bostanci2,
  3. H. Toker2,
  4. S. Safak3
  1. 1Rheumatology, Erciyes University, Kayseri
  2. 2Periodontology, Cumhuriyet University, Faculty of Dentistry, Sivas
  3. 3Inernal Medicine, Gazi Osmanpasa University, Faculty of Medicine, Tokat, Turkey


Background Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) is a self-limiting autosomal recessive disorder characterized by recurrent attacks of fever and inflammation in the peritoneum, synovium or the pleura. It is not clear whether the periodontal tissues are also affected or not in the course of the disease.

Objectives There are very limited data on periodontal parameters in patients with FMF. The aim of this study was to compare periodontal findings in FMF patients with healthy controls.

Methods Eighty four patients (68 female, 16 male mean age: 32.2±1.2), diagnosed with FMF who applied from Rheumatology Department to Faculty of Dentistry Periodontology Department and 75 systemic healthy controls (59 female, 16 male, mean age: 30.9±1.2) were included in this study. DMFT (decayed, missing, filled teeth) values, plaque index (PI), gingival index (GI), probing depth (PD), clinical attachment level (CAL), radiographic findings were evaluated.

Results At the end of the study statistical analyses showed no significant differences in DMFT values among groups (p>0,05). PI and GI were significantly higher in the FMF group than in control group. PD and CALvalues were statically lower in FMF group than in control (p<0,05) All results were shown in Table 1.

Table 1

Conclusions FMF patients can be more susceptible to periodontal diseases than the control group because of higher GI and PI values. Patients should receive dental treatments when necessary and be motivated to have an optimal oral hygiene.

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