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OP0259-PARE Multi–lingual touch screen page on arthritis in children (DINFO)
  1. J.S. Sagen
  1. Burg, Norsk Revmatikerforbund, Solli, Norway


Background General: The Norwegian organization for children and youth with rheumatism (BURG) is part of The Norwegian rheumatism Association (NRF). BURG is an organization working for children and youths with rheumatisms, and their families. With one national office and regional branches BURG focuses on activities information about diagnoses and rights for children and youths with rheumatism.

Specific: BURG was in May 2011 granted the funds (150 000 NOK) by The South–Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority to publish multi–lingual information on arthritis in children. NRF has worked together with the Hospital IT unit, which is a unit that provides learning and mastery tools for children and youths (Dinfo), to produce quality assured information and include it in the Dinfo training tool. Dinfo is easy and can be used both on touch screen and ordinary PCs.

Objectives NRF’s main goal is that young people with rheumatism takes part in activities that give them tools to manage everyday life in the best way possible. Dinfo is a tool to help us reach this goal. Dinfo’s primary meaning is to be an information guide for patients, but it’s also make sure that families and health care easily receive the same information as the patients.

Methods By using DINFO we reach a broader segment around the target group – which includes the patient’s family and the health professionals working for the patient. Today’s society is multicultural and it may be difficult to communicate in a foreign language, to a patient who has another language and another culture. The knowledge that is communicated may be inadequate. To solve this problem dinfo is multilingual. This in turn leads to increased efficiency and qualifiedtreatment of patients.

Results Dinfo do not replace interpersonal communication between health professionals and patient, but complements and supports it, and contribute to increased confidence and motivation. In this way patients and their families gets personalized information that gives greater meaning than general information.

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