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SP0053 Working to participate equally
  1. C. van Drogen
  1. ASIF, Arnhem, Netherlands


By accepting one’s restrictions and focusing on one’s potential, one can make a contribution to society that feels worthwhile. Patients with visible as well as patients with invisible restrictions face the risk of pitfalls if they adopt a passive attitude towards their possibilities. To be accepted equally is partly a matter of presenting oneself in a way that is acceptable to others. Awareness of this rule and being able to handle this can be an eye-opener and help. Everybody has something to offer. How far will society accept people with restrictions? What can be done about it? Courses of self management, job coaching, and actual project work with disabled will be shown. Is getting paid for work the only way to happiness? Patients should ask themselves how they need to progress, and if they want to make enough effort to reach their goal. Patient Social Leagues should take the initiative. They can play a crucial role in informing and stimulating patients to improve their quality of life. Patient Social Leagues should also make knowledge about different options for patients accessible to both the patients and medical professionals. The right attitude helps a patient to improve his Quality of Life.

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