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FRI0151 Bcl-2 levels of peripheral mononuclear cells in patients with behcet’s disease
  1. HT Ozer,
  2. E Erken,
  3. R Gunesacar
  1. Rheumatology-Immunology, Cukurova University Medical School, Adana, Turkey


Background Apoptosis is strictly programmed cell death of aged, disrupted or unnecessary cells. It has substantial role in the development and control of immune system. Its dysregulation may play a part in the pathogenesis of autoimmune disorders. Bcl-2 is an protooncogen of controlling apoptosis in immunocompetent cells.

Objectives Bcl-2 levels of peripheral mononuclear cells in patients with Behcet’s disease were investigated in order to have information about the apoptotic processes of this vasculitis which pathogenesis is unknown.

Methods Twenty-eight Behcet’s (mean age ± SD, 41.9 ± 7.8; 15 male,13 female), 21 familial Mediterranean fever (FMF), (mean age 34.5 ± 12.4; 9 male,12 female), 11 rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients (mean age 44.9 ± 18.5; 1 male, 10 female) and 22 controls (mean age 37.7 ± 6.9; 11 male, 11 female) were taken into the study. Peripheral mononuclear cells of the subjects were isolated by phicol gradient method; after cell counts were standardised according to the kit instructions, the cells were lysed and Bcl-2 levels were studied by ELISA method.

Results Mean Bcl-2 levels of the Behcet’s patients (mean ± SEM, 78.58 ± 16.38 U/ml) were found significantly lower than that of the controls (161.70 ± 23.97 U/ml), (p = 0.006). No difference was found between the mean Bcl-2 levels of the active and inactive Behcet’s patients. The mean Bcl-2 level of Behcet group was not significantly different than those of the FMF (112.97 ± 29.97 U/ml) and the RA (82.63 ± 31.87 U/ml) groups. Mean Bcl-2 levels of the FMF (p = 0.061) and the RA (p = 0.076) groups were also not different than that of the controls.

Conclusion Low levels of Bcl-2 in peripheral mononuclear cells of Behcet’s patients might be a clue to the dysregulation of programmed cell death in mononuclear cells of this vasculitis.

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