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HP0019 Physiotherapist/student for the degree of master of science
  1. TS Søyseth,
  2. V Søyseth
  1. Department of Respiratory Medicine, National University Hospital, Oslo, Norway


An investigation on the effect of education or education in combination with physical training on pain experience in women with osteoporosis.

Introduction Pain and fear of fracture are very common among patients with osteoporosis reducing their activity of daily living and quality of life. We have investigated the effect of education or education in combination with physical training in women with osteoporosis.

Methods Women older than 60 years with osteoporosis (N = 49) were enrolled in the study. All were able to walk indoor without technical support. Bone density was assessed using a DXA-machine.

All were hospitalised for five days in a hospital of rheumatology. They were casually put into two different treatment programs:

  1. Education (n = 26)

  2. Education in combination with physical train (n = 23)

The education program was provided by a team of professional health workers and had a multifactorial approach to problems experienced by patients with osteoporosis. The training program was conducted by two physiotherapists.

Health was assessed by SF-36 questionnaire at baseline, and then after 3 and 12 months.

Results A multivariate analysis for repeated measurements showed an improvement of bodily pain score of 7.4 (95% CI 2.7–12.1) after 3 months and 9.8 (95% CI 4.2–15.4) after 1 year compared with baseline. There were no significant differences between the groups. Physical activity and social function were also statistical improved at 3 month, but the improvement did not persist for the complete follow-up period.

Conclusion Participation a professional education program reduces the pain experience in women with osteoporosis, and the improvement appear to persist for at least one year. This result needs confirmation by further studies.

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