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HP0015 Bone turnover during pregnancy in women with low dietary calcium intake: effects of a calcium citrate supplement
  1. NJ Aparicio,
  2. MA Joao,
  3. S Bernacchi,
  4. S Gimenez,
  5. V Carames,
  6. DM Galimberti
  1. Obstetrics and Gynecology, Hospital Alvarez, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Objective To determine parameters of calcium homeostasis in pregnant women with low dietary calcium intake and to observe the effects of a calcium supplement.

Method 44 pregnant women (calcium intake: 310 to 720 mg/day) were enrolled. Blood and urine samples were taken around the 20th. week (pre-treatment value). Afterwards 26 women received calcium 750 mg/day (as calcium citrate suspension) until delivery; 18 received a placebo. At 36th–38th week blood and urine samples were again taken (post-treatment value). Ca and P in serum and urine and serum bone -specific alkaline phosphatase (AP), intact PTH, 1,25–2OH-vit D, IGF-1 and degradation products of C terminal telopeptides of type I collagen (CT) were determined.

Results At enrollment serum Ca, P, AP and IGF-1 were normal although with a great individual variation for IGF-1 (50% of the women showed high values and 20% low values); PTH (103.8 ± 56.4 pg/ml), CT (4855 ± 268 pM) and 1.25–2OH-vit D (46.8 ± 7.4 pg/ml) showed high values. After treatment the calcium-treated women showed a significant decrease of AP (15.7 ± 3.3 U/l), PTH (35.8 ± 25.8 pg/ml), CT (2490 ± 1498 pM) and 1,25–2OH-vitD (38.0 ± 8.0 pg/ml) while the other parameters remained without significant changes. The placebo-group showed increments of AP, PTH, CT and 1.25–2OH-vitD.

Conclusions In pregnant women with low dietary Ca intake a parathyroid hyperfunction is present at least at the 20th week of pregnancy, a situation reverted by calcium supplement. In contrast to other studies IGF-1 did not show a systematic increase.

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