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SP0174 Patients’ influence on health care, and social care
  1. DD Magnusson
  1. The Swedish Rheumatism Association, Region Jamtland, Offerdal, Sweden


A short presentation of how a Rheumatism NGO can work on a local level together with the County Council, the Health Care Employment Service Agency and the Social Insurance Office. Together with the health professionals we have produced education material, which is possible to use for health professionals, patients, the Employment Service Agency, the Social Insurance Office and the County Council. This material is called “For whom (it may concern)”. The book has 12 chapters which contains these subjects: Humanity, quality of life, for whom, whose goals, meeting people, to take responsibility – right to self-determination, to make demands, who has the authority, rehabilitation economy, following up and evaluation, conventions, laws and regulations. The material contains four parts in each chapter, the first part is sayings, the second part is a factual part, the third part is a case example, the fourth part is a number of questions which are solutions orientated. Everyone can use this material, alone or in groups.

We are functioning, as patient experts on matters like, rehabilitation, education and how to approach the patient. My experience is from a region in the middle of Sweden called Jamtland. Jamtland has a big area on 49 500 km² with a population of 129 000 people, which means 2,6 persons per square kilometre.

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