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SP0169 New approach to the care of rheumatic patients within the project “patient partners”
  1. M Dobesova
  1. Out-Patients Department for Rheumatic Patients, Hospital in Bruntal, Bruntal, Czech Republic


New approaches to the care of rheumatic patients within the Project “Patients Partner”. An important component of the care of patients with a chronic rheumatic disease is a complex care and an individual approach. Rheumatism is generally thought of as a disease of elderly persons, although certain types of rheumatism attack also younger age groups. There are various topics that I feel deserve to be given attention to:

  1. Communication and information – the patient should learn communication skills and should receive a maximum of information about his disease and its treatment.

  2. Complex care and the importance of teamwork. Of importance is a good collaboration among the various specialists. The role of the nurse in providing complex care is indispensable.

  3. Establishment of national and international organisations of rheumatic patients – a good opportunity for meeting other patients, exchanging experience, giving advice about how to cope with pain. A good example is the Revma League in Prague and its branch at Bruntal.

  4. Social problems – equal rights for healthy and disabled persons (Public transport, abolishment of legal discrimination etc.).

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