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SP0165 The arthrosis project – a three year information project in cooperation with the federation of swedish farmers
  1. IM Grundin
  1. Board of the Arthrosis/Spondylosis Disease Group, The Swedish Rheumatism Association, Sundbyberg, Sweden


The Swedish Government has granted the Swedish Rheumatism Association financial support from the Inheritance Fund to to be used for the purpose of disseminating information about arthrosis. The project is also sponsored by MSD, Pharmacia and Pfizer. The aim of the project is to increase the individual’s knowledge of arthrosis and to contribute to a better way of life for people with arthrosis.

A further aim is to provide information to the general public and medical staff. We also address outselves to patients with an arthrosis diagnosis and those who belong to risk groups, e g to athletes. The working methods of the project are creative – from the traditional study circle to theatre performances and the production of images and written material. We combine aims and mean, and the creative work is carried out among members and their relatives in our local organisations nationwide.

Project activities

*Study circles to increase the individual’s knowledge of arthrosis

*Special “Arthrosis days”, information to the public, athletics movement and medical and health services

*Information campaigns in conjunction with local arrangements, fairs and exhibitions, etc.

*The compilation of a study material which illustrates what living with arthrosis is like and containing a substantial section covering both body and soul Local working groups will act as test groups.

*What is arthrosis, research into arthrosis, alternative methods of treatment, prevention, rehabilitation, training, personal and sexual relations

*Writer’s workshops – writing one’s story in prose or poetry as a basis for a manuscript and/or an anthology

*Preparing a theatre performance

*Special, or separate, exhibitions about arthrosis and the Rheumatism Association, arts, images, sculptures, etc. in different techniques

Working constructively and together gives participants strength and a feeling of togetherness.

Special “Arthrosis days” with professional lecturers giving audiences all available information about arthrosis. Advertisements in daily newspapers and local placarding together with invitations addressed directly to selected groups are methods to attract listeners. At the “Arthrosis days” participants will be recruited to Arthrosis School study circles. Study circle leaders will be recruited from our own ranks and will be given specific training.

The project organisation: A project leader working full-time for 3 years, a steering-group mandated to decide on time, resources and quality issues, reference groups and a groups of researchers to check the project products. The project started in July 2000 in five pilot counties to gather experiences for the benefit of the rest of the country. Recruitment of participants will take place in cooperation with our local associations, the Federation of Swedish Farmers, other local organisations and at local health-care centres.

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