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HP0004 Hand’s rehabilitation in rheumatoid arthritis
  1. JD Petit1,
  2. RC Camp1,
  3. AR De la Serna2
  1. 1Physiotherapy
  2. 2Rheumatology, Sant Pau, Barcelona, Spain


Objective Decrease of pain and inflammation, maintenance articular mobility, muscular power and prevention of tendons rupture.

Material We conducted a prospective study in 530 rheumatoid arthritis female patients suffering from bilateral hand sinovitis with an average of 45 years old (range 25–69 years old).

Method The following treatment was used during 2–3 sessions/week for six months.

Acute phase: cryotherapy and rest with orthesis in functional position.

Chronic phase: thermotherapy; paraffin bath and passive and active exercise alternating with rest; ring orthesis; articular saveness and healthy education.

We have measured the results through followings items:

Pain: visual analogic scalee (VAS)

Hand grip strength: mm. Hg

Functional capacity: health assessment questionary (HAQ)

Results Table 1.

Abstract HP0004 Table 1

Conclusions Rheumatoid arthritis hand’s physiotherapy increase quality of life and articular movility, and decrease of pain. This treatment in not able to stop the progression of the illness.

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