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AB0063 Intensive therapy of system variant juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
  1. TM Fomenko,
  2. GI Donov,
  3. IE Shahbazyan
  1. Pediatrics, Moscow Sechenov Medical Academy, Moscow, Russia


Objectives Combined plasmapheresis (PP) with methotrexate was used in 39 children aged 2 – 15 with severe system variant juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis accomponied persistence infection and septic complication.

Methods PP was conducted every other day 5 times. After each PP followed by immunosupressants therapy (PIT) (bolus methylprednisolone, methotrexate). Total dose was at most 15 mg/week. Then patients received injections imunoglobulines every other day 3 times. Total dose imunoglobulines was 0,4 ? 0,6 mg/kg. 12 patients had herpes infection. Before intensive therapy patients received zovirax.

Results During first week by used intensive methods of therapy used to disappear basic indication of disease. After 2 weeks state of patients was stably and not required intensive therapy. 9 patients from 39 had remission about 12 months. These patients used intensive methods of therapy repeatedly. 12 patients had exacerbation a year later after intensive therapy. These patients received only basic therapy. 1 died 2 years after the end of the treatment. 17 patients developed complete remission in 16 ? 36 months. All these patients received basic therapy (prednisolone, methotrexate).

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