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THU0177 Prognostic factors of remission in early rheumatoid arthritis (ra). a multiparameter prospective study
  1. B Combe1,
  2. P Goupille2,
  3. A Cantagrel3,
  4. MC Bozonnat4,
  5. J Sibilia5,
  6. JF Eliaou6,
  7. O Meyer7,
  8. J Sany1,
  9. JP Daures4,
  10. M Dougados8
  1. 1Rhumatologie
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Objectives To determine prognostic factors of remission in early RA.

Methods A cohort of 191 patients with RA and disease duration shorter than 1 year were prospectively followed-up for 3 years. Numerous baseline clinical, laboratory, genetic and radiographic data (Sharp’s method modified by van der Heijde) were obtained. Remission, defined by a Disease Activity Score (DAS) < 1.6, was used as outcome measure.1

Results Forty eight patients (25.1%) fulfilled the remission criteria at the 3-year follow-up visit. According to Fisher?s exact test, remission was closely related with baseline values of DAS, HAQ score, morning stiffness, tender joint count, C-reactive protein and radiologic scores. No statistically significant correlation was demonstrated for sex, age, extraarticular manifestations, IgM and IgA rheumatoid factors, anti-perinuclear Ab, anti-keratin Ab, anti-HSP 90, anti-calpastatin Ab, antinuclear Ab, YKL-40 and HLA-DRB1* genotypes.

The logistic regression analysis revealed that the independent variables able to predict the 3-year remission were: DAS, HAQ score, morning stiffness and total radiographic score.

Conclusion Pronostic factors of remission in early RA were mainly clinical markers of disease activity and radiological scores.


  1. Prevoo, et al. Br J Rheumatol. 1996;35:1101

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