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THU0173 Genetic anticipation in familial rheumatoid arthritis
  1. EP Sharapova,
  2. LI Alexeeva,
  3. IA Guseva,
  4. SA Finogenova,
  5. MY Krylov,
  6. EY Samarkina,
  7. MA Moshnina,
  8. VA Myakotkin
  1. Epidemioilogy and Genetics, Institute of Rheumatology, Moscow, Russia


Background Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is à systemic inflammatory disease of connective tissue which is characterised by chronic progressing articular lesion and disturbances in immune system. Aetiology of the disease is still unknown. Nevertheless, the role of genetic factors in its determination is confirmed by multiple family and twins studies.

Objectives Òî determine if there is evidence for genetic anticipation in RA in multicase RA pedigrees.

Methods Age at onset and disease severity was compared within 26 parent/offspring pairs with RA.

Results The age at onset of RA was earlier in the offspring than in parents (26,3 ± 12,5 and 45,65 ± 14,0 correspondingly), and this difference is statistically reliable (ð <0.01). In couples aunts-cousins (N = 6) in mîãå advanced age aunts fall ill (44.Ç ± 15.9 and 25.0 ± 9,4 correspondingly) and the disease onset relating to age is also statistically reliable (ð <0.02). In these multicase RA pedigrees, the offspring had a tendency to more severe disease, despite shorter disease duration and younger age.

Conclusion These results suggest genetic anticipation occurs in RA, where the beginning of disease manifestation becomes earlier in the following generation.

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