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AB0038 Rheumatoid arthritis with sacrolitis
  1. WW Mor¯o£,
  2. DK Kapo£ka,
  3. UB Brych,
  4. AT Tarka,
  5. RK Kocur
  1. Reumatology, Silesia Hospital, Ustron, Poland


Background What is the form of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) with asymmetric peripheral arthritis, sacroilitis and present rheumatoid factor (RF).

Objectives The aim of this work is a presentation rhematoid arhritis considering an illness begining, increase’s dynamics of RF and sacroilitis.

Methods 41 cases of RA sacroilitis and increased RF were retrospectively analysed considering clinical, radiological and laboratory indices.

Results Monoarthritis appeared as often as not in knee-joints (42%), talus-joints (44%) and single joints of hand (41%). Radiological asymmetry of sacroilitis was found in 27%. there appeared 42% (10) atlantoodontoid subluxations from among 24 X-ray pictures. In 49% of analysed a degree of arthritis changes was twice as advanced in peripheral joints than sacroiliac joints. In 22% the progression of radiological changes correlated with RF Titre. In laboratory research: there was increase dynamics of RF in 51%. In 71% Cases (15 examined) ascertained high circulating immuno complexes. in 26% (38 examined) ascertained increased gamma globulins. Other inflammation parameters were also high. Among accompanied disorders important were: hypertension blood in 51%, cystes of renals in 27% (26 examined).


  1. RA with sacroilitis and present RF is an aggressive and systemic form.

  2. It begins tricky with single joints.

  3. Progression of destructive changes is most advanced in peripheral joints and cervical vertebral column than sacroiliac joints.

  4. Symptomatically often accompany vasculitis and gammapathia.

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