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AB0019 Effect of extracellular sodium concentration in byglican and decorin synthesis by human chondrocytes
  1. IA Ferraz-Amaro1,
  2. E Trujillo1,
  3. MF Arteaga2,
  4. I Cozar2,
  5. J Avila2,
  6. S Bustabad1,
  7. T Gonzalez1,
  8. P Martin-Vasallo2
  1. 1Servicio de Reumatologia
  2. 2Departamento de Biologia Y Bioquimica Molecular, Universidad de La Laguna, La Laguna, Spain


Background An altered chondrocytes phenotipic expression of biglycan and decorin is an early event in osteoarthritis (OA). Changes in extracellular matrix sodium concentration ([Na+]) occurs in OA. Previous results suggested that chondrocytes are sensitive to changes in their extracellular [Na+] environment and respond with variations in the matrix synthesis.

Objectives Here we have studied the influence of extracellular [Na+] on the metabolism of small proteoglycans, biglycan and decorin, in a human chondrocyte-like cell line, C20/A4.

Methods Extracellular deposition of biglycan and decorin was analysed in C20A4 cells cultured: 1) inmunohistochemically using specific antibodies against biglycan and decorin and secondary IFTC conjugated antibodies; and 2) in SDS-PAGE electrophoresis and blotting using the corresponding antibodies.

Results Fluorescence inmunohistochemically shows specific extracellular expression of biglycan and decorin in chondrocytes cultured in estandard [Na+] (154 nm) and western blotting intensities of these small proteoglycans varied with [Na+].

Conclusion This study demostrates that biglycan and decorin are expressed in the human chondrocyte cell line C20A4. We are now searching if [Na+] variations is able to produce cualitative or cuantitative alterations in the matrix synthesis as it have been found in osteoarthritis.

-Supported by FIS grant 99/0695-

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