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AB0015 Synovial fluid analysis: correlation between reagent strips analysis and white blood cell count
  1. S Aloui,
  2. H Ben Frej,
  3. S Chatti,
  4. I Hadda,
  5. I Bouajina,
  6. MH Abdessalem,
  7. T Chekir
  1. Rheumatology, Farhat Hached Hospital, Sousse, Tunisia


Objectives To determine if reagent test strips used to analyse inflammatory synovial fluid (SF) is as performing as white blood cell (WBC) count.

Methods 100 synovial fluid specimens obtained were tested using two techniques:

  1. reagent strips used to test urine (multistix 8SG Bayerdiagnostics) to check the presence of leucocytes. An inflammatory SF was defined as a strip showing more than a trace for leucocytes. The analysis was performed by an investigator unaware of WBC count and of diagnosis.

  2. White blood cell count. An inflammatory SF was defined as WBC ³ 2000 cells/mm3.

Specificity, sensitivity and like hood ratio (LR) of the reagent strip in diagnosing inflammatory SF were calculated.

Results 100 samples SF were tested. The performance of reagent strip were: sensitivity: 82% (IC: 95%); specificity was 88% (IC: 95%) LR: 5.6.

Conclusion Our study suggest that an evaluation of SF by reagent strips could be of interest to guide the diagnosis.

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