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THU0250 Autoimmune disorders in icelandic multicase sle families
  1. G Gröndal,
  2. K Steinsson
  1. Center for Rheumatology Research and Department of Rheumatology, Landspitalinn, University Hospital, Reykjavik, Iceland


Objectives To evaluate the frequency of autoimmune disorders in Icelandic multicase SLE families.

Methods The study group consisted of 38 SLE patients, 127 first-degree relatives, 37 s-degree relatives and 33 nonconsangineous relatives from multicase SLE families. Pedigree members were evaluated through interviews and physical examination, medical records were reviewed. A standardised protocol for SLE and other autoimmune disorders was used. Serum samples were obtained and autoantibodies measured.

Results Among the SLE patients, 16/38 (42%) had other autoimmune disorder (s) (11 Sjogrens syndrome/sicca symptoms, 3 interstitial cystitis, 3 psoriasis, 3 pernicious anaemia, 3 thyroid disease, 2 myositis). Twenty six/164 (16%) first- and second-degree relatives had various autoimmune disorder (s) (14 Sjogrens syndrome/sicca symptoms, 8 thyroid disease, 6 RA, 3 psoriasis, 3 alopecia, 3 iritis, 1 pernicious anaemia, 1 PBC, 1 MS, 1 DM, 1 AS, 1 reactive athritis, 1 discoid LE). Additionally, 21/164 (13%) relatives had autoantibodies. Therefore either autoimmune disorder (s) or autoantibodies were present in 29% of the relatives. Two of 33 (6%) nonconsangineous relatives had autoimmune disorders and 6/33 (18%) had autoantibodies.

Conclusion Autoimmune disorders in general are present in increased frequency in these Icelandic multicase SLE families.

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