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SP0128 Pain – general aspects, review on pain control methods
  1. J Szechinski
  1. Rheumatology, Medical University of Wroclaw, Poland, Wroclaw, Poland


Pain is pervasive complaint of patients with musculoskeletal disease. There is a tremendous variability in the perception of pain that is modulated by cognitive, emotional and environmental factors. This symptom may result from both and peripheral factors and, in the individual patient, may have individual causes. Because of the interplay of this factors, treatment can entail a variety of pharmacological agents, with drugs modulating central pain as a common component even in patients with structural and inflammatory disease. In older patients and in patients with chronic inflammatory disease, frequent reevaluation may be needed to stage disease and detect intercurrent problems leading to pain. Psychosocial Assesmento of Pain in Patients Having Rheumatic Diseases as well as the Role of Physical Therapy and Physical Modalities In Pain Management is discussed.

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