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SP0124 Pre-post operative care/joint replacement
  1. L Mandrup Thomsen
  1. Danish Rheumatism Association, Gentofte, Denmark


The aim of surgical treatment of patients with rheumatic diseases is to provide pain relief and to improve the ability to function.

The surgical offers of today are replacement of the joints, stiffening of the joints, synovectomia and various joint and tendon – correctioning operations.

According to the shared care model the professional, contribution can be described as follows:

  1. Before the operation

  2. During the operation

  3. After the operation

Ad. 1. Before the operation

- Information about the operation (the operation and the weeks after the operation due to training, medicine, helping-aids and rehabilitation resuming work)

- Physical training (specific and general training)

- Regulation of medicine in collaboration with the rheumatologist

- Occupational therapy (aids/splints)

- Talking over the work situation of the patient before and after the operation

- Diet and other lifestyle-habits (f.x. loss of weight, stop smoking)

- Good advice while the patient is waiting for the operation

Ad. 2. The operation

Mentioning of the most frequent types of operations on people with rheumatic diseases. New types of operations to come.

Ad. 3. After the operation

- Painrelief

- Rehabilitation

- Temporary aids/splints

- Resuming work, driving, leisure-time activities

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