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AB0207 Reflex sympathetic dystrophy associated with phenobarbital
  1. JA Hernandez-Beriain,
  2. A Rosas,
  3. E Girona
  1. Rheumatology Section, Hospital Insular, Las Palmas de GC, Spain


Background Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) is a complex syndrome characterised by pain and oedema of one or more extremities, trophic skin changes and vasomotor instability. Long-term outcome is variable and can induce severe consequences. Barbiturates has been related with RSD in 15% of the cases.

Objectives The aim of our work is to define long-term outcome and response to therapy of three patients with RSD following barbiturates use.

Results Main results are expressed in the next Table 1:

Abstract AB0207 Table 1

Conclusion RSD can be induced with barbiturates therapy. In our experience barbiturates discontinuation is insufficient for improving and response to other therapies can be limited with significant long-term disability.

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