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SAT0188 Chronic plantar fasciitis: evaluation by ultrasound and mri. treatment with ultrasound guided injection
  1. R Ghozlan1,
  2. M Dupuis1,
  3. C Lecarpentier1,
  4. M Delain2
  1. 1Rheumatology Service
  2. 2Radiology Service, Hopital Europeen de Paris La Roseraie, Aubervilliers, France


Background Chronic plantar fasciitis is not very known and the diagnosis is frequently missed.

Trends for the diagnosis have been performed with the new methods of imaging.

Objectives Determine the abnormal features of the chronic plantar fasciitis and find an efficient and accurate method of treatment.

Methods 12 patients with chronic plantar fasciitis have been referred to us: men 7, women 5; mean age 55 years; mean duration of the disease 10 months.

Ultrasound has been performed in 5 cases and MRI in 7 cases.

Results Imaging showed increased thickness, reduced echogenicity of the plantar fasciitis and/or inflammatory changes.

Ultrasound guided injection of steroids of the enlarged, hypoechoic plantar fascia, has been performed in 7 patients who had failed to conservative treatment.

Conclusion The procedure resulted in complete relief of symptoms in 6 of 7 patients.

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